Saturday, September 25, 2010

Two Fat Indians (East Melbourne) 09/2010

Ethnic restaurants abound in Melbourne and where Indian restaurants are concerned they are not just Indian but South Indian, North Indian even Kashmiri or Mongolian. Two Fat Indians (TFI) produced a North Indian banquet for us, under the direction of one of Australia's food icon and National treasure, Elizabeth Chong.
Starting with Chef Khush's
oven roasted Pappadams served with Mango chutney and Raita we progressed to a selection of entrees - vegetable samosa,
chicken tika, Tandoor lamb cutlet and potato and green pea patties called Aloo Tikki.
Then came two mains, a slow cooked boneless goat curry here called 'Beef Bollywood'

with a fenugreek caress served with seasonal salad and curry leaves in a spicy sauce and Balti butter chicken
and Kardahi tossed pepper fried prawns. These were served with safron Bamati rice, naan bread, raita and mixed pickles. The meal finished with Galub Jamun with ice cream.
All the dishes were tasty and the place itself is roomy
and tastefully set out with some cute glassware.
A very good meal for those who love tis sort of cuisine., the food can be anything from mild to extremely hot depending on patrons desires.
Score: 14/20


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Love the name of the restaurant! Looks like a good feed too.

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