Monday, September 06, 2010

Rossini Ristorante Italiano (Malvern) 09/2010

Look through the window of Rossini and you will see a crowded restaurant seven days a week. Can there be a better advertisement? At 213 Glenferrie Rd this family style restaurant has an amiable band of Italian waiters presided over by Frank Fera. It is crowded, warm and welcoming. Food is well prepared, served on well filled large plates. This is a simple venue, without pretensions, exemplified by paper coverd tables, paper serviettes, modest crockery and cutlery and basic furnishings. Bread is served only if requested. An entree of tortellini ($18)
with an excellent white sauce, creamy and tasty, of good consistency was accompanied by a large bowl of grated cheese which was left on the table. The tortellini could have been a little firmer to give them a more interesting texture. We then had a salmon, crusted with herbs ($30)
requested 'blue' it was more cooked than I would have liked but passable. It was not to spicy and came with an impressive serve of mashed potato, some slices of zuchinni and pumpkin and peppers. A spaghetti marinara was another substantial dish served with mussels and prawn heads on the plate.
The prawns were not so easy to find. the waiter assured us that they were inside. For $29.50 Sandra did not think one should have to search for them! Indeed they were there and the pasta had a strong taste of prawn through it. Veal escalope with eggplant and cheese ($29.50)
came with al dente cauliflower and broccoli and a very large potato. Another substantial, rustic, dish that would fill a hard working farmer it had the hallmarks of sound Italian domestic cooking. We had all this with a 2007 Vallpolicella Chianti Superiore ($45)
before coming to dessert. A Zablione
was dominated by the alcohol and not sweet enough for us but the pannacotta
was beyond criticism with custard of perfect texture and sweetness.
They have quite an extensive menu including pizzas and also offer takeaway and BYO wine.
This is a very good place for a winter dinner. We'll be happy to come back and try some more of their menu
Score: 13.75


Celeste @ Berrytravels said...

I love Pasta, and when I dont' feel up to making it at home, I usually go down to La Via on Glenferrie to eat.

But having another choice on Glenferrie would be fab! Will have to try this place out.

Anonymous said...

La Via is pathetic!

Elliot and Sandra said...

Re La Via
We haven't been there. Anyone else have a view to offer?

modern canvas said...

I've been there with my partner. Nice food but overpriced and the service was average at best. I can't recommend it.

Elliot and Sandra said...

Hi MC,
We thought the proprietor added a lot to the enjoyment of the meal with his hospitality BUT it is really domestic Italian cuisine at a slightly higher price than average.