Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Orsini (Camberwell) 07/10

Orsini is an Italian name which belonged to at least three cardinals, a Northern Italian noble family and many other distinguished individuals but in this case it is the family name of the previous owners.The present owners go one better. They had a couple of Popes among their ancestors. Family aside they serve satisfying Italian cuisine. This pic, from their website,

is a good representation of the warm long narrow room where Orsini presents their customers meals. It was chilly outside and parking was difficult so we had a brisk walk before settling in for dinner. The atmosphere was amiably busy. Service was unexceptional. I started with a rather thick minestrone soup.
It had that flavour associated with warm memories of home cooking on cold nights. Sandra had a triple cheese tart which came heavily camouflaged under a blanket of rocket.
The tart had a still crisp pastry and inoffensive light cheesy taste. Unlike the minestrone I would not order that again. We tasted a range of mains The pork belly was super.
Crisp crackling, tender an moist meat with a moderate cover of fat, for want of a better word yummy. Beef cheek
was slow cooked to a tender delight, if you like that sort of meat, on a bed of lumpy mash with a fairly intense reduces jus. Battered flathead tails
were not as moist, sweet and succulent as they might have been. They loose flavour very quickly after they are caught and can very easily be overcooked. The tomato, olive and peppers were a nice change but if you want chips they had to be ordered separately. Theroast chicken breast
was boring but there was nothing wrong with it.
A good solid Italian dinner at average prices. You can get a discount too if you have an Entertainment Book!
Score: 14/20

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