Monday, July 19, 2010

CHATTER 28 Masterchef

Ten green bottles hanging on the wall. If one green bottle should accidentally fall there'll be nine green bottles hanging on the wall.
There is a sad inevitability that every contestant but one will ultimately be eliminated in this wonderfully inventive show.
We get to like these contestants, we feel for them. The challenges they face, day after day are quite extraordinary. Like gladiators they go into battle against each other constantly displaying remarkable good will towards their fellow contestants whilst daily endeavouring to better them in the Masterchef kitchen.
Last night, facing a 'monstrous' challenge, Alvin struck out. It might have easily been Callum or Courtney, A marginal win to Jimmy gives him a substantial advantage in the next round. All the contestants have gaps in basic cooking skills which are revealed under pressure. I think Callum has been the luckiest to survive so far but doubt that he will get much further.
There is a lot of luck in the decisions both for the best and the worst dishes and worthy contestants get eliminated unreasonably at times. This is evident from the fact that both Courtney and Jimmy, who won their way back into the competition after earlier elimination a couple of weeks ago, have not yet been eliminated again. This is emphasized by Jimmy winning best eight layer vanilla cake whilst Courtney barely survived.
Sandra and I agree that Claire and Adam are the two most able performers. Adam is the most inventive and Claire perhaps technically superior. We think the winner will come from one of these two.


Motel Albury said...

Hello Elliot and Sandra,

I've missed quite a bit of the show although from what I have seen I couldn't agree more Adam and Claire appear to be the best performers, it will come down to them to I think...

Elliot & Sandra said...

Well Callum proved me wrong and might yet win. Claire got flustered once to often not realizing what a time consuming task peeling all those broad beans was going to be. Sunday night we will know it all. My money is still on Adam

Dining said...

Great show to watch, I like Callum the most and think he will go a long way with his carrer

Elliot & Sandra said...

Hi Dining
I liked a lot of the contestants, especially the guys. As Chefs a lot of them can go far but owning a restaurant and running a restaurant are two different things from cooking well or inventively or whatever. Many an excellent chef has come a cropper in the hard, competitive restaurant world and a goodly proportion of new restaurants are closed in three years. I wish them all well and I admire them for putting themselves on the line day after day, in what had to be an emotionally gruelling, and often physically demanding highly competitive situation.