Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Spot Cafeteria (Caulfield North) 09

If John Batman famously said "This is the spot for a village" speaking of the place that was to become Melbourne it might well have been said that this is a spot for a Cafe at 215 Balaclava Rd. a site which has indeed been the site of several, the latest being The Spot. It's a handy place for breakfast or lunch seven days a week and for dinner Thursday to Sunday.
Some pic's sent to me by Iphone evidedntly come with access to my emails so I've had to remove them
Comments: You wouldn't go far out of your way to eat here but it's an honest meal for a reasonable price. Very good for breakfast and they serve a minimally bitter pleasant coffee
Score 13/20


Anonymous said...

Agreed you wouldn't go out of your way. Coffee nice but food average. Poached eggs not runny and mushrooms overdone.

Prob better having your breakfast elsewhere but stay for a coffee!

Elliot and Sandra said...

We are becoming more critical and would not have given the Spot 13/30 now. There are an infinity of better places.