Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Namaskar India (Malvern) 09

Intending to go to either Chun Po or the Japanese restaurant next door, when both were closed we decided to try Namaskar at 20 Glenferrie Rd. It was an extremely disappointing experience. Because Sandra has recently become allergic to chilli we tried to have a largely chilli free meal. Their are approximately 230 numbered items on the menu, which includes eight different Malaysian breads and eight more cooked in the Tandoor and five rices and a number of drinks. Of the main courses and entrees, about 180 of them almost all are described as medium hot or very hot and of the rest most contain chilli so we were somewhat limited. After extensive consultation with the waitress we started with Egg Bahajji, six boiled half eggs coated in batter an deep fried. No chilli we were told. They were very good but there was some chilli in the batter. I had a medium hot Gobi Manchurian. I have no idea what the name means. It was florettes of cauliflower, battered, deep fried and tossed in a special Indo-Chinese masala I enjoyed the crisp sensation of this very large entree which was pleasantly hot on the palate without destroying all taste sensation.
The main courses were a disaster. A cheese and spinach dosa, there are 15 others on the menu, a South Indian rice pancake, was served with chutney and sambar without a mention that the chutney included chilli. A Theen Rukkha Murgh, boneless chicken pieces marinated in yoghurt, herbs and spices, cooked in the Tandoor and topped with three different gravies in Chef's unique style was yet another dish which contained chilli in part. Finally a prawn and vegetable dish in a gluggy sauce where the fried prawns had a light chilli batter sent us home looking for the the antihistamines having left almost the whole dinner on the table. I did not mind the chilli but the food so lacked distinction it left me quite shocked. There were plenty of happy customers, the place is pleasant enough and the waitresses very attractive BUT they provided grieviously incorrect information. It is probably great if you want nothing more than a vehicle for chilli so by all means go for that but not for the food. Sadly, too often Indian cuisine seems to be something fibrous, meat or chicken, concealed under some lurid coloured sauce dominated by HOT or sweet.
They also have takeaway.
Wine by the glass is cheap as is the food. Our concerned waitress also took something off the bill for the kitchen's part in our distress.
Score: 11/20

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Anonymous said...

Oh spare us your rant on Indian cuisine! You appear to not even know what you are eating until it is put in front of you.

Who on earth would go to an Indian restaurant when they are allergic to chilli.. that's the dumbest thing I've heard!

While i totally think that restaurants should cater to people with food allergies and provide menus where people can make informed choices... you went to an INDIAN restaurant! What were you really expecting?!

And who really needs to know that the waitresses were attractive, what has that got to do with the food?