Friday, July 31, 2009

Balzari (Carlton) 09

Reading the AGF one would think this a first class restaurant, just short of one hat. Not in my book. It's pleasant enough in most respects,
though the chairs are not very comfortable.
Where it really fails is the food. Their best dish seems to be fried curly bread with olives which are placed on the table as soon as the patrons are seated. An entree of gnocchi
was so salty it was inedible and returned to the kitchen. The replacement - Baccala a salted cod on mashed potato was much better
though opinions varied as to if it could be considered particularly good. Another entree of spaghetti marinara,
not on the menu but obligingly made for us was again quite ordinary. A main course of house made paparadelle with rabbit was just O.K
The pasta was unevenly cooked which detracted from the already rather plain dish. Veal shank was better
than the usual lamb but hardly worth going out for. A side dish of beans
was over cooked for my taste and a serve of radichio,
which we did not order, was not popular but would be fine if you like bitter tastes. A dessert of quince crumble, vahlronna chocolate mousse and panacotta
was excessively sweet. No we're not that hard to please but we are hard to impress and here Balzari failed.

Score: 13/20

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