Thursday, February 12, 2009

St Ali (South Melbourne) 09

These are the views of a colleague and his wife.

Any place without a name outside is already suspect relying on pretensions – the inference being I know about this place but no one else does. Fortunately the three prawns on some rocket sandwich was edible, (though hunger drove me to buy some more food soon after we left) but their cappuccino was undrinkable. It was both bitter and lacking flavour. It’s not fair to judge by one cup of coffee but my partner, who has an outstanding palate, also found her mocca less than satisfactory and left it. There’s nothing to say about the décor and less about the comfort of the place. Service, however, was very good.
My own experience of St Ali was indifferent though I found the coffee quite acceptable


Commie Commis said...

St Ali is pretty serious about coffee. An order for a cappucino and a mocha would immediately push a no care button. You indicated in code that your preferences are suburban to say the least. The Barista probably burnt the milk in a sincere attempt to please.

Anonymous said...

I find coffee a bit of a mystery. I really dislike these flavoured coffee drinks - hazelnut or whatever. As a serious coffee person what do you think is a good way to assess the coffee served at these establishments?

theboydoug said...

drink espresso.... or at the worst a long black.

Kerryn said...

The coffee at St Ali is pretty good in my opinion.

Although we can do without snobbery ...if someone likes a cappuccino or a mocha, they have every right to expect an enjoyable beverage, not be looked down at as "suburban" because they dared to order something "uncitylike".

While St Ali's food is normally quite good, their service can be very ordinary and there's too many flies for my liking. A bug zapper is badly needed.

You may want to try Dead Man Espresso in Market St South Melbourne. I believe it's ex- St Ali staff. Coffee and food, while a limited menu, is good as is the service. And no flies.