Saturday, November 22, 2008

Vlado's (Richmond)

Some 25 years since my last visit I thought it well past time to revisit this renowned steak house. At 61 Bridge Rd., a few doors west of Epworth the place does not seem to have changed at all. Vlado, who I think accurately describes himself as not a chef but a red meat specialist, stands behind his glass fronted meat counter punching down and trimming his steaks before barbecuing them according to the customers orders. The eye fillet was cooked as requested
Cloth covered tables are very close to each other barely leaving room for the waiters to squeeze between them. The menu is fixed price ($80) with the only choice being eye fillet, porterhouse or rump when available. They now also serve a good size piece of grade 8 Waghu for an extra $35 - very good value since it is near double the size of the $110 serve at Rockpool, The meal starts with a tasty beef and pork sausage followed by a selection of meets including a small hamburger, some veal and liver. Everything is served with a cabbage, lettuce and tomato salad. You can choose either a standard or a smaller piece of steak which is displayed raw on a tray.
Condiments include a light mustard, horse radish and salt and pepper. There are no chips, no side dishes on offer and no sauces. The meal ends with home made strawberry crepes
or strawberries and ice cream and tea or coffee which is freely refilled. There is a limited and relatively inexpensive wine list with a chardonnay or a cabernet blend by the glass. ($8) We drank a pleasant Domaine Chandon NV bubbly ($55). Not only did I have to remind the waiter that I had ordered the wine he even had to be reminded what it was that I ordered!! It is astonishing to return to Vlado's which seems to have been trapped in a time warp. A visit to Vlado's is tinged with nostalgia. Melbourne now has a large number of restaurants serving very high quality meat with a lot more to offer besides.

Score:14 /20


Squishy said...

How good do those steaks look though. A carnivores dream.

Elliot and Sandra said...

An asinine comment by some one trying to promote their blog!