Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Garlic Kiss (Mornington)

First it should be said that this restaurant has nothing to do with garlic. There's not a clove in sight and the menu doesn't mention it either.In fact it is a sort of eclectic Hungarian - Austrian style menu featuring things like Weiner Schnitzel, goulash und so weiter.The restaurant is split level, the lower level rather noisy and full when we arrived. The decor is odd. A few posters seemingly unrelated to anything, some tables with clothes some without. The menu is eclectic. We started with the double cooked goats cheese souffle. The first time it was presented it had been overcooked and burnt. The waitress needed little convincing to return it to the kitchen.

The replacement was perfect and a very good tasty entree. We followed this with a Weiner schnitsel with spatzle which was lovely. The schnitzel was a piece of yearling beef which had not been beaten flat in the traditional manner
Not a very picturesque dish but tasted fine.

I ordered the special herb crusted rack of lamb off the blackboard. Despite the assurance that it would be rare it was medium to well cooked. Regardless I enjoyed it and the accompanying cabbage, and the goats cheese mash were very good
Desserts were particularly calorific and I suspect, from that point of view, I should have fasted for two days after the pavlova

The chocolate mousse was good rich dark chocolate.

Price A bit above average

Comments Quite good overall. I'd be happy to go there again

Score: 14.5/20


Anonymous said...

you guys should get a life.
reviewing businesses with no credititable reputation in the industry tells me one thing;
I know some of the places you have been to a fool is better to say nothing than open their mouths and leave no doubt!

Elliot and Sandra said...

Your ambiguous sentence structure can be interpreted to mean the businesses we review have no credibility in the industry, and many of them don't.
Regardless, we are extremely well informed on many aspects of gastronomy. Where does 'credibiitable reputation in the industry' derive from? Does Larissa Dubiecki have it? What do we need to meet your requirements?
Perhaps you'd like to justify your remarks. No doubt anonomously if at all.

Anonymous said...

Well I think its excellent nosh and have visited many times with no complaints, so thank you very much Garlic Kiss for a pucker service!! Will and do recomend LOL

Elliot and Sandra said...

Dear Anon
A mark of 14.5 on our blog is pretty good and puts TGK just short of the very best restaurants. As we said We'd be happy to go there again too.

Selwyn Dobias said...

Overated and expensive!!
What was worse however was after eating there on a Saturday night May 2011..... and approximately
10pm,they opened the front door wide as to let in the cold air in a
not to subtle attempt to have us vacate the resturant.
Very very dissapointing especially as the bill for two people was $160
and we were just having coffee so would not have stayed for more than 15-30 minutes.

Sorry.... but wouldnt return there!!

Elliot and Sandra said...

Hi Selwyn
It's two + years since I went to TGC. Somehow I doubt I would mark it that highly today. There does seem to be a wide divergance of opinion about the place.