Friday, May 16, 2008

Speaking with Chefs - Greenfield

No Chef is more approachable than Charles Greenfield who works with a passion at his tiny shop front restaurant Jamon Sushi. His aim is to bring dishes to you at the perfect moment for them to be enjoyed at their very best in terms of taste, texture and temperature in an eye pleasing presentation. He works behind a small bar and speaks freely about his work.
After working for 10 years in Japan and imbibing the philosophy that has made Tokyo the most three Michelin starred city in the world, he wanted to establish a small, intimate, personal restaurant of the highest possible quality.
To preserve his food he has three different refrigerators set at appropriate temperatures, all his sauces are made by him and nothing is actually prepared until the moment it is to be served.
Ordinarily Charles restricts his menu to vegetables, mushrooms and seafood sushi but, for a couple of weeks, once or twice a year he demonstrates his virtuosity with wagyu beef rather than seafood. I reviewed a sushi night 18 months ago and recently had the wagyu experience!
Wagyu meat is graded into 12 grades but as there is little agreement on the differences of the top three grades they are usually referred to as 9+. I’ve seen that quality for sale at David Jones at $250/Kgm. Restaurants often serve Grade 3 which your butcher may be able to get you for about $60/Kgm
Definitely 9+
Here are some pictures of what we ate. It all started with an appetizer

followed by a series of 'creations' some simple

and some complicatedOf course not everything was meatA 'world first'!

Squid stuffed with wagyu and not everything was raw

At the end of it all I can say we had an experience but I much prefer raw fish than raw fatty meat


Anonymous said...

Very arrogant chef. Especially if the food is not to you liking.

And then comes the bill. It's always large. Never never again.

Elliot and Sandra said...

This is a theatrical performance. Some theatre you like and some you don't. Prima donna's are women but it could apply here.

Elliot and Sandra said...

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