Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Moti Mahal

The name Moti Mahal refers to the Pearl Palace, built outside Lucknow several centuries ago. Any suggestion of grandeur that may be connected to the palace has nothing at all to do with the restaurant of that name at 230 Glenferrie Rd, Malvern.
It does have a pleasing ambience. The carpeted room with paper covered linen table cloths has Indian themed wall decorations which go towards the anticipation of a pleasant evening
The Age Cheapeats gives the place 2 stars and it’s in the current Entertainment Book offering one free main course when another is ordered. The menu looks interesting and our waiter was happy to meet our requests with regard to the food.
Unfortunately he did not pass any of these requests through to the kitchen.
An entrée of boneless morsels of chicken marinated in yoghurt and lime juice, murgi ka tikka,

was a pleasant start to a disastrous meal.
We returned the first course, a Tandoori Platter,

because it came with the specific spice we wished to avoid and the waiter assured us that it would be free of it. Following this I was both astonished and appalled when my quail stuffed with wild rice and mushrooms arrived with not a grain of any sort of rice and nor any kind of stuffing. When questioned our waiter said “It’s underneath”. Of course it wasn’t. I personally returned the dish to the kitchen where the chef informed me that they had no wild rice and the waiter was supposed to have told me that!!!
Other dishes were very ordinary. A veal korma, a shank braised in rosewater, yoghurt and Indian herbs ($18) was a well cooked but a very small serve.
A chicken makani was OK but oh so ordinary

I couldn’t wait to leave.

Price: Mains $15 to $20 They also have a take away menu with free delivery for 2 Km for orders over $35
Comments They're fully licenced or BYO wine for $3.75 corkage - the wine I brought was the best part of the meal.

Score: 12/20

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