Saturday, February 23, 2008

Blue Fire

On a corner at 427 Dockland Dve, Waterfront City with a view over the water from the window seats offers a Brazilian influenced barbecue called ‘churrascaria’ as well as an a la carte menu. Housed in a large modern carpeted room with well spaced tables it immediately creates a pleasing atmosphere.
The open kitchen

has a camera focused on the BBQ and displayed on a wide screen TV set like a picture on a wall.
The churrascaria at a set price $49 on weekdays plus 10% on weekends offers a plate of dips – potato and fetta, artichoke and spinach and a spicy capsicum, with a bruchetta and bread

followed by a range of meats and fish and chorizo off the BBQ, as much as you wish to eat, and a handsome plate of vegetables.
The service is quite fast and friendly with waiters turning up frequently with large skewers of overcooked meat
which they carve off for you at the table. A coaster red side up says no more and green side up requests more A cute gimmick which, even with the No More side up, fails to deter further offers. All the marinades contain chilli though there are some chilli free things e.g. calamari for the chilliphobes (Yes I just invented that word)
The a la carte spaghetti marinara ($16)
in a garlic butter sauce was quite undistinguished and the large porterhouse steak ($34), on a bed of excellent potato gratinee and covered in veggies, was very tough and overcooked for my taste. Strangely, for a specialist meat and fish restaurant the vegetables were excellent, as was a plate of chips.
All the portions were extremely generous as was the white and brown chocolate mousse. Wine by the glass is very reasonable from $6.50 up and its not a question of 1/2 full or 1/2 empty its more than 1/2 full!
A fun place for a party but expensive for what you get

Price We spent $75 for our meal so they must have tossed in a freebee somewhere
Score:13 /20


Anonymous said...

I love the line "waiters turning up at the table with large skewers of overcooked meat"... especially with your bleu preference! :)

Anonymous said...

BlueFire have actually removed the 10% weekend surcharge, which is great.

Also, if you want to save money go on a Tuesday - they have a "Super Tuesday" where the Churrascaria is half price! (but you need to also order an entree or dessert) but half price food is a great offer.