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Waterfront Restaurant Station Pier

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Date 31st Dec 2007

Score: 5/20
We booked for New Years in the FINE DINING area of restaurant quite prepared to pay the $140 pp.
Arrived at 8.30 pm sat down NO service until we called waiter over at 9.15 pm to order a bottle of wine.Wine did not arrive at 9.30pm called over waiter,he said it would not be long,still no wine called over head waiter said he would attend to it still no wine ,at 9.45 pm called over waitress wine arrived in 10 mins. Waiter came to take food order, waitress served some cold soup (these dishes were not cleared at all) entree arrived approx 10.15pm no refill of wine we went over to ice bucket and served ourselves!!!
2 Mains arrived approx 11pm we were waiting for the 3rd I started putting salad on plate my husband was helping himself to potatoes when WHOOSH!!! they were taken away,wrong order (it was same as what we ordered) we said but we have started!!! waiter said sorry I have to take them then proceed to deliver to other table!!!
Called head waiter over fo another bottle of wine was served quickly,but no one ever refilled our glasses.Cheese platter was served 11.45pm,we were offered complimentary wine and port.
In all fairness to the waiting staff they were running,they blamed the kitchen but being a set menu we found that hard to believe.No apology was given by anyone!!!
The whole night turned into a joke would have done "Faulty Towers" proud!!! It was the worst service in a restaurant for over 20 years,we would CERTAINLY NOT recommend this restaurant to anyone.
Score: 5/20

I might add that I have been to Waterfront once and that also was once too often but it did not come near to this dreadful experience made worse as it was NYE

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