Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Oak Room at The Westin - San Francisco

This dark wood panelled thickly carpeted room with a high magnificent carved wooden ceiling must be close to 100 years old and has retained a wonderful atmosphere
It has a limited menu of very good quality.
We shared a San Francisco Cicione for entree and the chef displayed great generosity in the size of the serve which was presented with two sets of cutlery and in two plates with accompanying bowls for shells. The huge king crab claw was very meaty. The pippis and mussels in the tomato based pleasantly spiced soup were reminiscent of Victorian (Australian) shellfish.For once the chef managed a genuinely blue filet mignon and a really rare rib eye - as requested. There was a handsome serve of Bearnaise for the fillet and a very very tasty Gorgonzola on the rib eyeaccompanyingThe side dishes, included with the order, of garlic chips and creamed spinach were, in the American tradition, good sized and very good tasting, too.
A dessert of passion fruit custard meringue avoided the trap of soft pastry and had a good custard but the meringue had not been beaten to the best even consistency
We specially enjoyed a bottle of Wild Horse Pinot Noir from the central west coast very much in the style of a French bordeau
Comments. We were fortunate to have an excellent discussion about wines with the sommelier Chai and even more fortunate to have Brandon Grimaldi, a most friendly and obliging waiter
Very reasonably priced at $177 before the service charge
Score: 14-75/20

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