Monday, November 19, 2007

Beppi's - Sydney

Beppi's is all about ambiance. As you pass by a huge platter of anti pasta facing the entrance
through the rather ordinary front room along a brick paved floor one enters a new world. Three interconnected dimly lit rooms the walls lined with bottles of wines of all ages and qualities.

The bottles mostly lie flat against the wall held in place by narrow strips of wood. A strange system of labelling and lots of dust adds to the atmosphere of this most appealing old cellar.

Waiters were not dressed up and did not adopt Italian accents. Service was friendly and informative however a request for lemon butter sauce was forgotten and after the delectable grilled baby snapper was served it took another 5 minutes for the sauce to arrive. This turned out to be a wonderful sauce and it was the best dish of the night
The menu lacked variety and whilst the food was generally good it rarely excelled.
The angel hair pasta with crab and saffron sauce was of good texture but bland
The huge very tasty fleshy mushroom entry looked impressive and tasted good

Three zucchini flowers stuffed with ricotta and porchini lacked taste from the mushrooms and the cheese was rather crumbly.

Entrees can also be had as mains
The veal costata was a plain grilled veal chop - tasty but unexciting and the plate looked very bare without a side order of vegetables.
The snapper was superIf you want to experience the perfect zabaglione this is the place to come.
The white chocolate brullee was pretty ordinary

as were the crepes.
There is an extensive wine list with prices from about $40 up
Price: With mains at around $42 the food bill for three courses comes to around $80/head

Comments For a special night at a restaurant with great atmosphere Beppi's at 21 Yurong St. East Sydney, a restaurant that has lasted 50 years, this is a beaut venue (make sure you're seated in the cellar)
Score: 13.75/20

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