Friday, April 27, 2007


Introduction: At 247 Springvale Rd. Glen Waverley this Japanese restaurant is most highly regarded for its Suchi dishes which are distinguised by a special rice
Ambience: On the ascetic side in a long narrow room with hard wooden chairs and little decoration apart from the very fresh seafood on show at the sushi bar.

Service: Black uniformed waitresses passed by fequently and provided advice

Food: I am not an afficionado where Japanese food is concerned but one could not be impressed by both the presentation and the delicacy of the dishes.

After a small dish of sliced vegatables and fish in a sweet vinegar sauce we started with 6 small eel suchii rolls with a sweet soy sauce, pickled ginger and wasabi had a pleasing taste and unusual texture
This was followed by deep fried marinated chicken in a crisp batter with a small mostly lettuce salad. KFC, just down the road, could learn something from this excellent dish
For mains we had a mixed Tempura Mori of prawns, ehiting, and vegetables in a wonderful light batter with a light dipping sauce ($8 or $36 for a larger serve with more vegetables.
The Chiri Mushi $22 - steamed Hapuka, prawns, scallops chicken and vegetables in a Saki soup with vinegar soy sauce to add to the dish to one's own taste was faultless.
Finally a cream cheese crepe with black sesame ice cream and fruit salad was fine end to the meal.

Wine: A scanty list, inexpensive with a small selection by the glass BYO if you want something better! Half a dozen hot or cold Saki's are available at modest prices too. I quite enjoyed a semi sweet hot saki with the meal

Price: Moderately expensive for a simple place. We paid $100 for two

Comments: Named after an Aurora seen over Western Japan in summer it translates as "The fire that is not fire." I guess it did not light my fire. It was an interesting meal of good quality but I would not rush to return

Score: 14.25/20


olivia said...

was quite surprised to read your review about shiranui, but i guess it's because you had the ala carte menu instead of the sushi menu. I had ala carte the first time i went there as well, and was just ok with the food. However, the 2nd time around, I tried the sushi menu and was really impressed :) and now my boyfriend and I are already planning to return. However, the sushi menu is a bit pricier (we spent $90 each), however it was very much worth it. Don't forget to ask to sit in the sushi bar so you could see the chef in action!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Olivia in a way that this review for Shira Nui isn't doing justice to the restaurant.

Its mainy attraction is its Omakase chef free-style sushis, which is a very unique way of doing sushi in Australia.

That is what the reviewers rave on about and every comment and each of my friends have said that its awesome.

Having said that, the disclaimer is, I must be the only person in Melbourne who didn't enjoy it - everyone hates me for saying that. Even objectively speaking, its way too over-powering for a sushi lover's palate. Much prefer a slightly traditional to slightly nouveau sushi place like Kenzan in Melbourne! : )

Please visit Shira Nui for Sushi for a review if possible. Would love to hear your view on it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelvin
You are not the first person to tell me I had the wrong dinner at Shira Nui. early everyone tells me I have to have the Omakase. I whave it on my list to revisit and am looking forward to a very positive experience but it's going to have to wait a while

Jon! said...

Definitely had the wrong dinnere there Elliot. Omakase at the sushi bar is the only way to go. Recently returned and the omakase is as good as ever. Ordering a la carte one simply won't see what the fuss is about.