Monday, April 30, 2007

Dumpling King Restaurant

Introduction: A double shop front restaurant at 570-572 Station Street Box Hill
Ambience: Gives the impression (wrongly) of being just another restaurant
Service; Efficient

Food: Remarkable. We ate through a fair proportion of the menu and I was extremely impressed. I don't want to bore readers with a long list but of the 11 dishes I tried several were outstanding. The delicately steamed Shanghai dumpling is quite special as was the pickled mustard cabbage fish soup. The Dragon Well Tea Leaf smoked duck with Flower buns was very tender with a very light smoky taste. Tthe sweet and sour sauce with the Barramundi somewhat overpowered the taste of the fish but the broad bean and pickled vegetable stir fry soon distracted me from that. Both the Langzou Chicken omelette and the noodles in chicken broth were good with ut being extraordinary.

Wine; BYO is best

Price Average. Surrounded by so much competition they have to be reasonable

Comments: Well above the ordinary

Score: 15/20


Iron Chef Shellie said...

So glad I found your blog!
Going to have to try the Box Hill one, the one at Doncaster Shopping Mall food court was not good!

Anonymous said...

Can't say I love that place... probably a late night snack restaurant for me, as with all the restaurants in Box Hill. Although it has to be said that it's pretty had to find good chinese food outside of china. Even food at flower drum is pretty average. God i miss the good cheap food back in china!!!

Love your blog by the way.

Elliot said...

Tx Anon. Always nice to hear positive things from people about the blog.
We really enjoyed Dumpling King and would go there much more if we lived closer