Monday, October 02, 2006

Old Raffles Place

Introduction: On the corner of Johnston and Wellington St Collingwood this restaurant, which grew out of a coffee lounge, serves Singapore style food. Famed for Hainese chicken rice
Ambience: Remains a restaurant in a coffee lounge. You could call it understated but that would be overstating the case.

Service: Alan Han, the owner also serves. He has a long history in the hospitality business. While his wife cooks he is happy to talk at length about his experiences and about the influences the created the characteristic Singapore food of today
Food: Unfortunately, arriving late, we missed the Hainese Chicken which is descrbed most appealingly on the menu. We started with a Chef's selection entree of Prawn, spring rolls, a small samosa package fried crumbed calamari accompanied by some unusual prawn crackers - a nice start to the meal. The Laksa is really good not overly spiced and the beef rendang was also excellent

BYO $3.50/bottle

Price: Inexpensive. Mains $10 to $19 Cash only but there is an ATM on the premises!

Comments: Very good food at very reasonable prices. I MUST go again to try more of the specialties so glowingly descrbed on the menu

Score: 13.5/20


Anonymous said...

I would not recommend this restaurant to anyone,very unlike singaporean hospitablity!! We ordered a Penang Kway teou only TO FIND STRANDS OF HAIR, COMPLIMENTS OF THE COOK IN IT !! We pointed this out to the owner ALAN who came back saying we have removed the hair would you yet want it.We then ordered another dish only to find our plate virtually thrown at us in the same manner you would hand them over to beggars!!

Thai Taste down 2 blocks has never dissapointed us over 20 visits now recomended any day any time over Alan's AWFUL Raffles place

Anonymous said...

Rock you are really anti-Allan and anti-Raffles... gosh i better stop eating at old raffles place

Anonymous said...

Rock, it's either you are freaking unlucky or you have a personal vendetta. Am a regular there and I do not have any problem with the service, food or attitudes of the staff there.

I hope you never throw things at beggars cos from what you have written, you should be ashamed of your mentality and attitudes.

By the way, hope you are not a Singaporean cos I am quite embarassed with how you spelled some of the words.

* Peace *

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