Monday, October 02, 2006

Lentils as Anything

Introduction: To cheap to get into the Age Cheap 2005 as there are no set prices - pay what you can afford and what you think it's worth!
Ambience: It feels like a squat. Dark, rather dingy, some modern inoffensive background music.

Service: Quite personal and very nice. I was impressed that when I began to ask my waitress Kate some questions she introduced herself, put out her hand and shook hands with me. I had been told it was very slow - not that night.

Food: Organic vegetarian. Substantial serves. I had a warm Vietnamese Salad - red and white cabbage, bean shoots, tofu, crispy noodles lightly spiced w some mild chilli. If this was served on fine crockery in flash surroundings customers would find it very acceptable.
Drinks: There are a variety of soft drinks and Chai available
Price; You decide. There's a large box with a slot in the top - just drop it in. If your lucky you might get a fanfare!

Comments: There are a few of these I went to the one in Blessington St. St. Kilda. If you don't mind going 'down market' in the extreme try it

Score: /1320

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