Wednesday, March 02, 2022


Centonove translates as 109 which is the address in Cotham Rd. Kew of this long standing Italian restaurant.
It has a goodly number of regulars and is generally quite busy.
It is in the upper price bracket for a suburban restaurant. They offer a two course menu for $69 and a three course menu for $90. There is a modest wine list by the glass, and a more extensive reasonably priced half or full bottle list.
Linen table cloths and napkins and reasonable cutlery, crockery and glass adorn their tables which are little too close to each other.

So what about the food.
We tasted several dishes with mixed feelings. Vittello tonnato was disappointing. The tuna mayo was bland and I felt that the veal could have been younger.

Vittello tonnato 

Strachiattela, ox heart tomatoes, Nadine anchovies and Liguran olives was superb. The tomatoes actually tasted like tomatoes and everything melded to produce a palate pleasing start to the meal.


Flounder, on special, was quite small. Pleasant enough it had some mild herbs which detracted 
from my enjoyment of the fish.
Sad looking flounder

The paparadelle with rabbit stew and Ligurian olives was very much to my taste.


Finally a 12 hour slow cooked lamb shoulder with salsa verde and saffron onto could not have been better.

Saffron orzo

Crisp roasted Dobson potatoes ($9) were a good side dish.

Roast potatoes.

A bit of a mixed bag. Good quality Italian fare that not always hit the mark.

Score:13.75 /20

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