Friday, February 09, 2018

Kobe Jones (Docklands - Melbourne) 01/2018

This riverside Japanese restaurant 

is split between a Teppanyakii room and a separate room  where there are both several degustations and an a la carte menus available. 
We had no hesitation choosing "Perfect for 2" $115, with matched wines, $155, which were very generously provided.
2013 Hand picked Moscato D'AstiVallebelbo Italy

Number one Special Crab salad stuffed with avocado, then wrapped in kingfish and baked with Kobe Jones secret sauce.
Dragon Egg Tuna tartare sushi mixed with chipotle mayonaiseon a shiso leaf, topped with avocado and finished with ponzu sauce.
Waghu Tenderloin Tataki seared and chilled served with garlic, ginger and ponzu sauce.
Lovers Sashimi scallop and tuna roses finished at the table with yuzu spray and freshly shucked oysters with wasabi granita.

Salmon Moyashi Hand Roll glazed salmon moyashi, hand rolled in nori, topped with crispy salmon skin and fume sauce.
2016 Kirnhill Reisling, Clare Valley. SA.

Alaskan crab salad poached Alaskan crab meat mixed through a daicon and radish salad, dressed with sesame dressing.
Wafu Pork Pillow Japanese braised pork steamed in a light bun with cucumber and kewpie salad and a togorashi sprinkle.
2015 Fishbone Rose, Margaret River WA
Miso Citrus Lobster giant lobster tail (approx 350 gm), lightly cooked in a wafu thermidor sauce, drizzled with miso citrus and served with steamed vegetables.
Dessert was an odd collection of cheese cakes, a chocolate chop stick and a brulee with the top burnt at the table, which was a bit of fun.

Potentially an excellent Japanese restaurant KJ doesn't quite hit the mark. Service is rather quick and impersonal, whilst the setting is brilliant the place looks tired. Crockery and glassware are mundane and the dishes we ate, despite their fancy descriptions, and their attractive appearance, were not exciting. Except for the lobster, which was tough and stringy, the nori, which was hard and dry, and the dessert, which looked good but wasn't, everything else was quite good but not star quality.
It was also dissapointing that there was not one Japanese wine or saki included with the matched wines!
Score: 13.75/20

Hanging plants adorn the ceiling.

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