Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Boat Club (Hervey Bay, Queensland) 05/2017

You get plenty of clues that you're getting to this popular club including a large billboard on the main road through Hervey Bay.  They even provide a free shuttle 

bus to bring people to the clubAt the end of the very large car park a sign welcomes you
and on it's other side thanks you for visiting. 
The club looks a bit like a ship with round 'porthole' windows. 

In side as well as several bars, and pokies, there is a Mexican restaurant, 

a large  no frills restaurant

and and a small, and even less frills, cafeteria
serving limited food and desserts.
It's got a very Australian rural club atmosphere.  Prices for members are about 10% less than for visitors but they're still cheap.  
Meals are quite large. I had fish and chips with a bowl of vegetables.
Four fillets of red skin snapper, lightly battered, were delicate, moist flavoursome and very fresh.  There was plenty of commercial tartar sauce. Vegetables were a little, but not grossly, over cooked Chips were crisp.  That, including gratis tea and coffee was a very decent meal for $16.50.  
Comments: Solid food at fair prices.
Score: 13.25/20

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