Thursday, January 26, 2017

Rooster Street Butcher (Lititz) 01/2017

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This is much more than a butcher shop. 
It's actually a cafe that sells meat. They have a menu 

and, beyond that if you choose a piece of meat they will cook it for you.
It's a very simple, completely unpretentious place.
You go to the counter to order and you take your tray and dispose of recyclable and waste. You also serve yourself water if desired. Cutlery is in a box on the table.

Cabinets contain selections of cheese, charcuterie, salads

and meat.

which looks fantastic.
Some of these cuts we rarely see in Australia.

We had a simple meal in this simple place, a hamburger and chips.
They were delicious. McDonalds and the rest of them eat your heart out.
We finished with a cup of tea.
 Delivers more than it promises.
 Score: 13.75/20

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