Wednesday, August 05, 2015

ribs and rumps (Townsville) 07/2015

This basic  specialty restaurant is simply and pleasantly decorated. Bare tables, central cutlery and serviette containers, practical glassware no frills except perhaps the light shades.

Well situated at one end of a strip of restaurants and hotels it offers both indoor and out door dining
Their specialty is, of course, ribs. Short ribs, a half rack pictured, or a full rack, beef ribs, lamb ribs, pork ribs whatever.
They come with chips and a short plastic apron
Of course they also have a variety of steaks including waghu rump ($30 to 
$47) Chicken, calamari and so on BUT it's ribs they are famous for. Grilled and marinated they're delicious. 
Score:Almost 14 /20

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