Thursday, March 06, 2014

Bacash (South Yarra) 03/2014

 It's quite a while since we dined here, where we have had good experiences, so we were pleased to have the opportunity to return. Physically it looks much the same, white linen table cloths and napkins, decent cutlery and good size tables. I think some of the paintings have changed. Any way they are fish oriented 

and so is the food. 
On Chef Bacash,s recommendation I had the sardines and flounder while Sandra had the oyster entree ($4) Before leaving he particularly recommended the flounder as being the freshest possible. We had a side dish of garden salad and one of chips and finished with a very rich dessert.
Bacash is best known for sound cooking. Food is nicely presented, ingredient are excellent and there is a generally pleasant ambiance. It's not theatrical not overly fussy or pretentious.
Sandra's oysters came with a hard crust of cheese and the oysters, while still tasty were no longer a delicate succulent mouth watering dish but dry and over cooked.  

My sardines on a bed of eggplant were plain, pleasant enough, but rather undistinguished.

My flounder was as good as it could be. I have not had a fresher one since I used to spear them at night on Elwood beach. 

Unfortunately Sandra's, which was equally fresh, was not properly cooked. This did not become apparent until shr had eaten almost half the fish. When she got to the head end rd blood appeared between the gills and the roe was completely raw!  It is very unpleasant to get a gob of blood in your mouth from a raw fish. Our waitress offered a foolish excuse and would have replaced the dish but Sandra no longer wanted any more. The side dishes were large and very satisfactory.

Dessert was delicious if you are addicted to chocolate and all thing sweet, as I am.

Comments: What can one fairly say about a meal like this. It was both very good, bad and in between. If it was presented at My Kitchen Rules it would not score well, yet I have never had a better flounder.

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