Friday, February 28, 2014

Signature Restaurant (Rockhampton, Queensland) 2/2014

Rockhampton is a city of with a population of about 60,000. There are lots of things of interest there but, although they offer a four year chef's training course at the local TAFE, one thing it is not is a mecca for foodies. As such I was not very optimistic when I arrived at Signatures to find that I had a choice of tables, every table!

An hour later another couple did come in for dinner but, attached to Central Motor Inn and Conference Centre 
it mostly looks after traveling sales people and rep's who mostly want to have a quick meal in their rooms and go to sleep. The menu is uncomplicated.

It's set in an attractive room. Tables are double clothed with white and black linen and napkins are also linen. 
They have a bar by the entrance and can seat about 60 patrons.
The menu is very basic, almost steak and mash. They offer a small and exceptionally reasonable wine menu with a Hardy's Shiraz on special for $15 and house wines $6/ glass. 
I was quite happy to order a chicken and sweet corn soup and a rib eye on the bone. 
My soup arrived quite quickly, served by Trish, an extremely pleasant lady. It was a very good soup made from fresh ingredients it was nicely seasoned and very flavoursome. The oven roasted bread that came with it was irresistable too.

Main course, rib eye on the bone with a cheddar and sweet corn filled potato and a garlic cream sauce was very good. Cooked as I requested, an unusual event, it was tender and juicy. Super.

I had a chat with the Chef, Lena who pointed out that in the last decade there had been a mass of fast food establishments  which had impacted badly on the restaurant business. Indeed I saw about a dozen of them with in a couple of hundred yards. 

 For what is, in effect, a steak restaurant the food here is very well prepared. I'd be happy to eat here any time
Score: 13.75/20 

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