Monday, November 18, 2013

Giardino Pizza (Elsternwick) 11/2013

There is nothing reminiscent of a garden here, except the name, which is Italian for garden, but there is plenty reminiscent of Italy. The staff certainly, the three guys making the pizza's, but most especially the food itself. It is good solid Italian domestic cooking. No frills. 
The place itself is less than ordinary. Bare wooden tables, unremarkable chairs, cheap cutlery, paper napkins and lots of noise. Decor is simple and minimal with a couple of S.Pellegrino posters. I don't understand the second line from the bottom!

There are heaps of pizza's available, a small typical Italian menu accompanied by an inexpensive wine list. All Yellow Tail as far as I could see. A blackboard on the wall covers most of the wines and an adjacent one some specials on the food.

Prices are extremely reasonable so it is unfair to have excessive expectations.
We were pleasantly surprised. Thin crust pizza's were tasty and not overcooked, which has often been my experience.

Calzone was very good, well filled and very very tasty.

Flounder could have been a little larger and less cooked but was still good.
The last main we tried, a marinara risotto, was well filled with prawns, calamari, scallops and muscles. It was a substantial serve also very satisfying with a good creamy tomato sauce.
Service was slow but obliging.
What especially appealed to me was the flamboyant, very short, guy kneading the dough and spinning it into the air, like a flying saucer.


Good value for the price.
Score:13.25 /20

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