Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Chatter 50 If Fish could Push Buttons (June 2013)

Recently aquaculture has developed in Australia to the point where Murray Cod are being farmed in reliable sustainable conditions. This remarkable fish, which can grow to over 50 kilograms, was, for centuries , the staple fish diet of Australian aboriginals and until recently an extremely popular fish for anglers on the Murray. More recently, almost fished out, it became a protected species and many Australians have never tasted this fish which is unique to Australia.
That is all about to change. Tomorrow the NSW Minister for fisheries is going to officially open Marianvale Blue, the largest producer of Murray Cod in our country..
They will become available in all sizes, from about 600 to 1500 kilo are generally best, Farmed fish have a lot going for them. They do not put their species at risk of extinction, they are not full of mercury and other contaminants from our not so clean sea and river water and they do not develop the muddiness seen in some predatory river fish. Indeed the flesh of this fish is outstanding, characterized by a delicate flavour, a fine white flaky texture and the bones are not difficult to deal with.
It doesn't have the cute look of the koala bear or the odd posture of the kangaroo but Murray Cod is set to become the iconic fish of Australia - it pushes all the right buttons. 

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