Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Gitane Bistro (South Yarra) 11/2012

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We have eaten here several times in the past and reviewed this restaurant, at 52 Toorak Rd West, under it's former name -  Fawkner Bistro. We liked it. The food was good and it was warm and welcoming. Now,having been taken over by the children of Jaques Reymond it has a more French feeling about it but it has retained all it's good qualities. The tables are  clean and neat with their white cloths,


 the decor is simple with a fun painting


and a few posters. One I particularly liked advertises the renowned aperitif Absynthe, a drink I enjoy with all the ceremony that goes with drinking it. Unfortunately it's not on the drinks menu.
 Service was especially friendly and helpful provided by young and enthusiastic staff. 
I started with a substantial charcuterie platter which was definitely for sharing. It was served on a panel of a box that once contained fine Sauterne.

 Everything on the platter was tasty but the pork rillettte was outstanding. 
A starter of paparadelles with chicken liver was a well prepared dish although we prefer the livers to be a little rarer than these were.

We tried three mains and each was excellent. A fillet of barramundi well prepared in a light cream sauce was delicate, moist with excellent 
Chicken, off the bone and crumbed was also a good though rather bare dish.

I preferred my rump steak although it came medium rare rather than blue. The accompanying hous made sauce was particularly fine.

 A very satisfying meal.
Score: 14/20

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