Sunday, June 19, 2011

Gourmet Dumpling Restaurant (Malvern) 06/2011

Regardless of the quality of the food, which is pretty good, there are some very unappetizing things about this place. The emphasis might best be placed on the Dump part of the name. It leaves an impression of grubbiness that makes me wonder. The walls and skirting boards are desperately in need of paint.
When I pointed out to our waitress that a condiment container was dirty she changed it for one from another table that was even dirtier
and when I suggested she might have to wash one she gave me a radiant smile, said "Yes" but did nothing about it. When we came back a few days later nothing had changed!
Tables are set with plastic cups, bowls and spoons, paper napkins, chopsticks and containers of vinegar, soy sauce chili sauce and a thermos of hot tea.

We started with a spring onion pancake. Very crisp and crunchy despite being oily and having almost no content it was quite nice. ($3)
Then we got on to the dumplings. Pork and prawn dumplings had a good pastry cover and were great value,
10 for $8.50. Eight or nine chicken and spinach dumplings in soup with some sea weed and a few strips of egg were also excellent both for taste and value.
The best dish we tried was the Shanghai pork dumpling.
So often disappointing, these were piping hot, full of a great tasting soup and contained in a fairly thin and soft dumpling pastry which is rarely matched. An absolute winner.
A serve of pork ribs must have come from a very small pig.

They were in a tasty sauce and it was easy to separate the meat from the tiny bones.
This is an extremely cheap restaurant hitting well above its weight in the food division but sorely lacking otherwise.
Score 12.25/20


Anonymous said...

Relative to your comments, I'd visited Gourmet Dumpling Restaurant around the same time and noticed exactly the same thing - lack of hygiene and lack of effort to clean.

Just to let you know, the inspectors caught up with them with a $20K fine.

Shame, since the food really was extremely good value.

Elliot and Sandra said...

I don't know if this will force them to close. I hope they can clean up their act and carry on, as Ripples did after a, I think, $25K fine for lack of hygiene.