Monday, May 16, 2011

Chatter 35 Hamburgers

There must be a thousand places to get hamburgers in Melbourne, without counting McDonald. The recent McDonalds campaign to promote their hamburgers 'Not schmancy, just a little bit fancy' drew our attention to this near universal product. After what could only have been a minimal survey Matt Preston, foodie, critic and oldest TV best new talent ever last year, offered his opinion that Daniels made the best burger in town. I don't agree. Probably no one makes the best hamburgers, or pizza's for that matter. One lot does have the best advertising and the best photograph. I did my best to show their burgers in the very best light and this is what I got.
Their pic, seen on posters and magazines everywhere, is a tribute to food stylists. or for a close up
Wow, just about perfect. Not only do they not look that good in real life, but also they are also prone to little errors like sending out the wrong burger.
The innards are all there
but it still doesn't add up to a great burger. The roll is too soft, the meat too dry and tasteless and cannot be saved by the wilted lettuce, onion mayo and whatever. To my astonishment there is something very similar in Hong Kong, which is on special this month, selling for all of HK$8 which is A$1, yep one dollar!!
For a surprisingly good, extremely tasty burger try Daneli's which is a kosher deli on Carlisle St. or for something a bit different V Ernests lamb burger in Glenhuntly Rd. Elsternwick. This is quite special.


Best Pizza in Melbourne said...

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Elliot and Sandra said...

Hi Best Pizza
Nice idea. Before long we will do it! Got any recommendations where to start?

Elliot and Sandra said...

A lot has happened in the two plus years since we wrote this. there are even more hamburger joints than ever before. One worth noting is Tuckshop Take Away on the corner of Hawthorn and Glen Eira Rds.