Monday, June 28, 2010

My Flame (Caulfield) 06/2010

Unfortunately My Flame is about to flicker out to be replaced with a Thai restaurant. The decor was dull, with a few indifferent indigenous art works
and a basin for the orthodox but the food was lovely and the service enthusiastic. As the best Kosher restaurant around the Melbourne suburbs this is a pity. We had a very satisfying dinner there last Sunday. They put on a $55/head Moroccan influenced set menu that I’d be happy with at any of the starred restaurants in the AGF. Flavours were delicate, interesting and blended well with the main ingredient. There was plenty to eat too. Here are some pic’s of the dishes.

Bread sticks

Lentil soup
A fish patty
Sea bass
A Moroccan palate cleanser
and dessert.
Score 14.5/20


Shane said...

Hi Elliot and Sandra,

nice photos, the art indigenous art work looks good, I wander why they would display that in a Thai restaurant though... Have not sen bread sticks look like that before...

Thanks for sharing


Ellliot & Sandra said...

The indigenous art work was really nothing special. It was out of place in a Kosher Jewish restaurant. I very much doubt that it will be there when it goes Thai.

Dining said...

Yeah that seems a bit strange that a traditional restaurant would display art work not of their culture...

I've seen open bread sticks like that before with garlic butter spread on the inside... they were yummy.

Elliot and Sandra said...

As promised My Flame did go out but, so far, nothing else has opened there.

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