Monday, May 24, 2010

Giant Steps/Innocent Bystander 05/10

This is an extremely successful multifunction venue on the main street, (336 Maroondah Hwy), in the heart of Healesville. Purpose built this great barn of a place is divided by a large glass wall into a wine making section
and a retail section which includes a wine tasting area, a cheese maturing room and counter a patisserie and bakery
and a pizzeria and a cafe with particularly good coffee which they roast.
Apart from the menu, and a little booklet describing their history and philosophy, there are black boards

and a mirror filled with quotes, perhaps graffitti, to inform about dishes or simply to amuse. An odd assortment of chairs and sofas provide seating at various size simple unadorned tables. Staff all seem to be very young energetic and enthusiastic. Packed on weekends it has great atmosphere and this is well supported by the food. A salt cod brandade
with house smoked sourdough bread displayed their excellent artisanal bread with a fine brandade. A thin crust rosemary, roast garlic and buffalo mozarella pizza was a simple, well made, though slightly singed,
and pleasing It's very good cafe food
and doesn't pretend to be anything else. Their quite extensive menu is available on the I'net, as is their substantial wine list.
Score 14/20

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