Saturday, August 08, 2009

Attica (Ripponlea) 09

Ben Shewry has been in the news a lot lately for all the best reasons - his cooking. His cullinary creations are interesting to all the senses. With the help of only three other chefs he, somehow, manages to plate up one complex dish after the next. Few have less than half a dozen ingredients and the descriptions must be a memory burden for the wait staff. They were well informed and never stumbled. As with most of the best contemporary restaurants the kitchen uses some hi-tech equipment and produces meals you would not dream of making at home. There is an a la carte menu or a tasting menu for the table though substitutions are possible to cater for special needs. We again had the degustation menu, eight courses with a few extra's from the chef.($130 or $215 with matched wines). It would be tedious to describe all these dishes at length so we'll settle for some pic's.

Smoked trout broth before the broth. A signature dish

Potato cooked in the earth it was grown

A talking point but nothing special

Blue eye- beaut.

He practices experimental dishes on Tuesday nights not all of which reach the regular menu
We enjoyed several very pleasant wines including a pear cider, available from Prince's and a Lirac 2006 availablefrom Randalls,

Beef, ginger,etc Wagyu grade 6

Pork loin

Violet crumble -very very sweet
Score: 16.5/20

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