Friday, December 12, 2008

Chatter 9 - Dinner with Neil

I often eat at the homes of my friends and occasionally take pictures of the dishes they serve. These are just for a reminder, like a diary entry, of what was eaten. Some of the food served is exceptional but I don't usually comment on it on this blog.
Today I'm happily making an exception. Neil (of At My Table www. ) and Dorothy Murray invited us to an impromptu meal to try some fresh Alba white truffles

purchased the previous day. After an entree of oysters, prawns, pippies smoked salmon and mussels with pink grapefruit on a bed of endive with a home made vinaigrette sauce the coupe de gras was delivered. The truffles were shaved onto a bed of home made fettucini.
(115 gm flour/egg)
The key to this dish was the freshness of the truffles exuding a powerful and distinctive truffle smell they melded beautifully with the pasta adding a crunchy element to the texture.

The meal finished with fresh berries and organic cream all washed down with a Champagne to begin with followed by a French light red and a Yering Station botritus semillon

This meal, would have been more than acceptable at most Melbourne restaurants. Indeed the truffles were the most impressive I have ever eaten. One swallow may not make a summer, or a dinner, but every swallow on this occasion was a joy - Thanks Neil and Dorothy


neil said...

The truffles look better in your photo than they did in real life - they looked so ancient and gnarled. The taste was unlike anything I've ever had before, nothing like perigord truffles at all.

Anonymous said...

I want to confirm that as soon as we can get really fresh perigord truffles. I cannot recall any better than those we had with you