Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Small Quiz

Twenty two questions
Anyone who gets more than 16 right has got to have a prodigious memory.
Fourteen is an excellent effort and 12 very good

Answers in a week or two

1. Where does this man work?
2. And this one?
3. Which restaurant serves this?
4. Outside which restaurant is this?
5. And where is this?
6. Three marks if you can tell wherethis menu is from.
7. What dish is this?
8. This is the entrance to ........?
9. Where was this pic taken?
10. Who is the bloke on the right?
11. Where is this?
12. And this?
13. Who is that fellow ?
14. Where is this?
15. And what is this?
16. Three more if you guess where this is
17. In what town is this?
18. And where is this?
19. Where is this?
10. And this?
21. Where is this grand staircase and chandelier?
22. Where is this?
23. Where do these people work?

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Elliot and Sandra said...

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