Monday, June 09, 2008

Richmond Oysters

Richmond Oysters at 437 Church St. Richmond,has been a wholesaler and retailer of fresh and frozen fish and crustaceans for decades. It will be their 50th anniversary next year! In the last few weeks it has opened a kitchen and set up tables so customers can browse over about 60 feet of glass fronted counter space, a small section is shown here,
and choose from a vast selection of seafood. This can be cooked, more or less, to ones specifications. Chicken and steak are also available. Prices are very reasonable so a dozen Tasmanian oysters for $9.80 are well nigh irresistible. Sydney rock oysters are $12.80 and oysters Mornay only $15.80 and that’s for a dozen! Sry folks they add $4 to have them served -still the cheapest in Melbourne! As a venue the place is rather antiseptic – very clean and bright, white tables, no nonsense furnishings. A café
After Tempura oysters, actually oysters in the coarse and thick batter they use for fish and chips, we had excellent oysters Mornay.
After this we shared a crayfish pie ($7.90). Larger than the average pie with pleasing pastry case and covered with potato,

Shepherds pie style, it was packed with crayfish which was a bit stringy but very sweet and very fresh. They were so good I bought some to take home.
A spaghetti marinara turned out to be a very substantial dish again packed with seafood in a rich tomato sauce.

A seafood risotto was under seasoned and too dry, again a large serve and a challenge to eat the lot after the entrees.
There is nothing very refined about these dishes they are simply prepared with extremely fresh seafood and taste good for that reason.
The staff are young and enthusiastic and the proprietors keen to hear from customers as to how they may do better, which I found refreshing.
They currently have no license for alcoholic beverages but expect it in the next couple of weeks.
A good place for a seafood feed, eat in or take away



neil said...

I've passed this place a thousand times, now it look like I have to stop & prop, great find!

Anonymous said...

Great find. Thanks! I love oysters but hate paying double the price just to have them in a restaurant. Will definitely drop by this place.

Anonymous said...

Regretably, while still the cheapest in Melbourne, oysters cost $4 if served at the table!

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Elliot and Sandra said...

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