Saturday, July 07, 2007


Introduction: A well established exponent of Shanghaiese cuisine at 4 Cecil Place Prahran Ph. 95295199
Ambience: A cut above the average shopfront Chinese restaurant Some unusual antique Chinese decor.
Service; A little forgetful about small things like a request for a knife and fork or for water but obviously trying hard to please

Food: Rather different from 'the usual' and very much to my taste. We started with the Salty spiced deep fried whitebait which were quite good followed by Shanghai pork dumplings. Tasty but did not retain the meat juices in the dumpling case. The crisp battered deep fried coral trout was delicious and contrasted well with the delicate and very excellent scallops with bok choy in ginger sauce. all srves were good size including the fried rice.

Wine: Fully licenced A modest but reasonable list

Price: Around $75 for two courses for two

Comments: The extensive menu is worth a lot more exploration and I look forward to it in the near future

Score: 15/20


Unknown said...

I went to Davids once for lunch and wasn't all that impressed. I prefer the cheap but cheeful chinese yum cha and this was beautifully presented but not the yum cha I was used to. Very expensive too and when you're hungover you don't really appreciate the food very much!

Elliot and Sandra said...

Hi Clea'
Tx fr yr comment. I'm always disappointed if a restaurant I like hasn't lived up to expectations. Perhaps the hang over didn't help. I will try Davids again and see if I still like it as much