Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Golden Kingdom - Sydney

Introduction: At 147 Anzac Pde Kensington we found this pleasant looking restaurant almost empty at Sunday lunchtime

Ambience: Well spaced tables with white linen create a generally pleasing feel to the place

Service: Below average. I'm unsure where the breakdown in communication occurred that caused us, initially, to be served our battered prawns in sweet and sour sauce sans batter and the Peking duck to be served first when we asked for it to be last.

Food: Less than average. The pancakes with the Peking duck were about twice as thick as they should have been and the spring onion, cucumber or whatever virtually undetectable. On the second try the batter on the prawns far too thin and the sweet sour sauce far too sweet with no sour to it. The crispy shredded beef was also less crispy than it might have been. Only the chinese greens and the fried rice were up to scratch.

Wine: There is a limited wine list of inexpensive quaffing wines. $32 got us a bottle of acceptable Marlborough Sav/Sem. Blanc

Price: About $35 a head for a reasonable feed and a glass of wine

To me this restaurant is "mutton dressed as lamb" They also have a Yum Cha ordered from laminated pictures but I will not be coming back to try it.
Score: 12.5/20

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