Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Bok Choy Tang

Introduction: Another Federation Square restaurant.
Ambience: A pianist adds to the pleasant feeling in this restaurant distinguished by a large open kitchen at the end of a good size carpeted room with a bar at its far end
and fine views
Service: Good

Food: Regional style reminiscent of chilli spiced cantonese Fried tofu was very bland despite the light chilli flavoured sauce. Pork belly was tender and succulent tho I prefer crisper crackling. Their duck melted in the mouth but was very fat and the lobster on golden noodles was delicious

There are a couple of banquets at reasonable prices. They have an extensive menu available on the internet
Price: Soups and desserts $8 Mains mostly about $25 to $30 up to $50 for wok fried lobster and smoked salmon

Comments: I enjoyed the meal and the atmosphere and will go back again

Score: 15/20

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