Saturday, May 21, 2005


From: "David Lam"
115 Collins St
North Africa/Middle East
Intro: Located at the "Paris" end of Collins St - we came with high expectations. The restaurant is located in the basement, but the decor adds quite a lot to the ambience.
Service: Hard to fault
Food: A degustation menu is available for $90pp, however you don't know whatyou are going to get, even on the night. Entrees in the $20's and mains$30's. Rather expensive for what you get. Food is typical Middle Easternfare - nothing special.
Comment: We were disappointed on the day by the uninspiring food. David Lam
Comments: I have been to Momo's 3 or 4 times since Greg Malouf took over the kitchen. Altho I am not a great fan of Middle Eastern food but think Momo does it as well as any Melbourne restaurant and better than most. It is not quite so expensive for owners of The Entertainment book! ER

Score: 12/20


Anonymous said...

An over rated restaurant that serves expensive and uninspiring food. Never to return.

Elliot and Sandra said...

This is not a unique view by any means and you might find it intersting to look at the problems of Melbourne restaurants and pricing discussed by Dani Valent in theAge Magazine in the April 28 edition. As for the food the Age Good Food Guide (Not a bible of course) does give them a Chef's hat

Anonymous said...

Yet another colleague has agreed with anonymous The weight of numbers seems to be in favour of a lower rating for MoMo