Saturday, January 01, 2005

Silky Apple

New Years Eve A solid suburban restaurant. Pleasant ambience, white table cloths, carpets generally not too noisy.
After some months of indifferent food I think they now have a new Chef
Hot and sour soup was a good start followed by eggplant stuffed with prawn meat starting to get into drooling territory. Sweet and sour prawns in batter were good but not exellent for me - too much sweet not enough sour, Ma Po a bean curd in a lightly chilli spiced gravy incorporating minced beef could again not be better and finally Chicken and vegetables on soft noodles in a birds nest, as good as ever, reminded me of my son whose favouriye it was.
A sparkling Ukrainian semi sweet wine with an unreadable, and probably unprouncable, name, left over from a Russian Dinner, went well.
Finished with an exquisite "New York Jewish" cheese cake with blueberry topping which I made myself from Rose Birnbaum Levy's Cake Bible and a DVD (The Pelican Brief) before the arrival of 2005. From our roof top patio the fireworks were magnificent - a fitting beginning to the year 14/20
WELL 11 months later I have to modify my remarks - perhaps it was the New Year atmosphere or maybe the 'new chef' has left anyway after a Sweet and Sour chicken in batter that was so acidic it should be served with Mylanta I can no longer rate SA so highly say 13/20 now!

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